A Guide for Your Future: College and Career Fair


Sierra Knutsen, Staff Writer

            This year’s college and career fair turned out to be a great success! Over 35 college reps, military recruiters, union reps, and more set up booths in the student cafeteria. Students and their families from every grade level were able to attend the event and receive helpful information from all of the participants. There were around 25 different colleges on display; including universities, community colleges, and private colleges from different locations throughout Illinois and around the country.
Upon approaching each booth, a representative from the respective association would answer any questions you had and often elaborate on each subject depending on how much information you wanted or needed. Most of the booths gave away pamphlets that you could take home and read through, including information about finances, college campus tours, salaries, benefits, etc. Almost all of the college booths had papers that you could return with your information on to sign up for regular emails, texts, and other alerts that gave you more information on a daily basis about the many features that college had to offer.
            While most of the booths at the fair consisted of various colleges, there were still multiple booths with career options that don’t require college. Companies such as Best Maids Inc, UPS, Southwest Airlines, union reps, and the branches of the military provided plenty of information to show students that if college doesn’t feel like the right path for you, there are many more options that you can find success in.
Many students, including myself, found the fair very helpful and informative. “I really enjoyed the opportunity to seek out my options for life after high school and get a better visual on the benefits that each college can provide”-Junior Kieran Bennett.
The stress of what to do after high school affects all students, no matter what year they’re in, and the College and Career Fair was able to help students expand their knowledge of all of their options and ease some of the stress they might be having.