Sparkling Spartan Prom!


Grace Tynski, Staff Writer

     Leading up to prom, the energy amongst juniors and seniors was electric. Girls were getting their nails done, boys bought corsages, and everyone made sure they had their tickets for the big night.


     On Friday, May 6th, OLCHS students gathered in glitz and glamor for the Junior and Senior prom. While the prom was mainly for juniors and seniors, underclass men were permitted to attend if they were accompanied by a date. The dance floor of the Bolingbrook Golf Club was full of energetic bodies and flashing lights. After a long time without in-person events, OLCHS students didn’t hold back with the fun they had at prom. Especially for the seniors, as it was a last hoorah before graduation.


     Joyce Reising, a member of the Class of 2022, had an unforgettable time at prom. “Prom was some of the most fun I’ve ever had at OLCHS! I really didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did. After such a long pause from normalcy, it was really relieving to have a perfect night before I graduate,” Joyce said.


     Besides dinner and dancing, prom didn’t dare stop while the night was still young. Afterwards, attendees had the opportunity to take a post-prom cruise downtown. Transportation was provided downtown to the cruise and back to OLCHS when it was over. Under the stars and above the glittering water, OLCHS students experienced something truly unique. The theme of prom this year was “Time of Our Lives”, and it certainly lived up to its name.


     The cruise was especially memorable for seniors. The past two years of high school have been undeniably less than normal, and a peaceful cruise in the city was the perfect way to end not only the night, but also their high school experience overall.


     As the Class of 2022 graduates, they’ll be left with a myriad of memories of their time at OLCHS. To their first days as a freshman, to the pandemic that hindered in-person school for months, to their steps across the stage to get their diploma, the night of their lives will no doubt stand out. Prom this year wasn’t only a night of fun, but it was a reminder of what happens when young people are able to socialize together in person. Memories are made that will be cherished for years to come.