Spartans Enjoying Spring Break


Jayla Clark, Staff Writer

The moment we have all been waiting had came, spring break. The home of the sleeping, and travel and extracurriculars! It seemed like many people enjoyed their time on their week off. One went to Destin, Florida for spring break, “It was really eventful. The arcade, food places, beaches, and weather were great! Can’t wait to go again” stated by Arianna Berry (Freshman). It seems like she really had fun on her traveling trip to Destin, Florida. Another student, Brianna Jordan (Senior) had went to soccer practice and went to the library. She states, “So many people now days after Covid just wanna stay in the house no one wants to go out and do anything anymore.” Some people can agree on that fact.
Another student, Sam Martinez (Senior) had contest play sectionals and went to go see the new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen or Cedric Diggory. They stated “ Spring break was absolutely was the best thing”. Other people can agree with that. A break was needed. That was some of OLCHS students stating on how their spring break was. Some people slept in, Some had hung out with their family and friends. In conclusion, spring break was beneficial to all. Rather it was bad or boring or good, it was break that was needed for this overall school year.