OLTP Presents: “Little Shop of Horrors”


Joyce Reising, Staff Writer

Do you have a green thumb? Maybe a knack for planting? How about a love of theater? Well this musical may be for you! 


From October 28-30, the Oak Lawn Theater Program will be showcasing Little Shop of Horrors! A showing with lots of great musical numbers, energetic dancing, a crazy plot, and a blood-eating plant! This musical is great for everyone and will have you on the edge of your seat! Come see lead performances from Orlando Ramirez as Seymour Krelborn, Layla Nemri as Audrey, Daniel Mietz as Audrey ll, Quinn Haywood as Mr. Mushnik, Vincent Rinella as Orin, and Urchins: Victoria Prause as Ronette, Jayla Clark as Crystal, Emma Faucault-Miller as Chiffon, Mariana Salazar as Vandella, and Emma Mathews as Cookie. 

Experience a breath-taking look at the wonderful set of Skid Row built and painted by the crew. It’s as if you are actually looking at Skid Row! Come hear the beautiful music performed live by the pit members- not a recording! This opportunity to see live theater again is a must! Ticket sales are going now, online at this link: https://www.vancoevents.com/UJR Tickets are $12 a piece. Come out and see Little Shop of Horrors from October 28-30th from 7:00-9:00 and witness an amazing show!