Our New President!


Ella McHenry, Staff Writer

On January 20th, 2021, Mr. Joseph Biden and Mrs. Kamala Harris took the oath of office and were sworn in as President and Vice President of the United States, respectively. This day was one of honor, pride, and unity for the American people as we gathered virtually to celebrate our new government in front of the United States Capitol.

The day’s events began with Mr. Biden and Mrs. Jill Biden attending a morning prayer service at St. Matthew’s Cathedral. After the service, the President and The First Lady were transported to the Capitol via Secret Service escort. Mrs. Harris and Mr. arrived shortly after.

The official ceremony kicked off at 11:20 AM, with Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri giving the opening speeches. Reverend Leo O’Donovan followed with leading a Roman Catholic prayer, as members of other religious groups at the ceremony respectfully bowed their heads.

Moments later, Lady Gaga took the stage and sang “The Star-Spangled Banner.” The performance was quite impressive, as she sang proudly for her nation and displayed her American pride. Other notable performances included appearances by Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks, along with young and aspiring black poet Amanda Gorman reading a beautiful poem in which she wrote herself.

Andrea Hall of the International Association of Firefighters recited and signed in ASL the Pledge of Allegiance, and Senator Klobuchar proudly introduced Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina to ever serve as a Justice in the United States Supreme Court. Justice Sotomayor and Mrs. Harris stood opposite of each other as Mrs. Harris raised her right hand and gave her oath, officially declaring her as Vice President.

Senator Klobuchar then introduced Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts to administer the oath of office to Mr. Biden. Mr. Biden raised his right hand, and with all American eyes watching, repeated the oath and was officially declared President of the United States.

President Biden addressed the nation, exclaiming proudly, “This is America’s day!” The President then congratulated his administration and rejoiced in his new position as the leader of a great nation. Indeed, it was the beginning of a new chapter for the United States, amidst the pandemic and calls for social justice. Let us come together and truly unite as Americans, as we are all in this together.