Spartans Celebrate Veterans Day!


Grace Tynski

This past Wednesday was Veterans Day, and students across all grades at OLCHS celebrated in different ways. In one way or another, I think we’re all connected to a veteran. Whether they’re in our family, or part of a friend’s family, it’s rare to not know anyone who was involved in some branch of the military. 

There aren’t many veterans in my own family, but I know I have a few friends that are closely connected to some people who served our country. So I asked my friend, Kieran Bennett, who is a freshman at OLCHS, about his grandfather who is a veteran. He gave this quote: “First off, technically he was not my grandfather but when my parents moved from Ireland to America he took care of them since they were only 18 and had very little money so he’s family to us. If my grandfather didn’t help to preserve freedom my parents would not be in America and I would have probably had a very different life. I feel proud that because of his bravery we got to live our lives to the fullest.”

It’s important to celebrate Veterans Day because too often, veterans’ hard work and sacrifices go unnoticed. Whether it’s Veterans Day or not, the next time you see a veteran you should kindly thank them for their service. It takes two seconds and will most likely make their day.