Returning to School!


Grace Tynski

After months of not learning in a classroom, OLCHS is back at school! Last week was just freshman, but this week it’ll be a full house! Make sure to check your group on Skyward to confirm when you’ll be coming.

As a freshman, I was pretty excited and nervous to go back to school. One of my fellow freshmans, Sierra Knutsen, said this regarding the subject: “I’m nervous to be in high school for the first time, even more so considering the circumstances, but I’m really happy and excited to be able to see my teachers and other classmates in person.” The last time we sat in a classroom with other students, being taught by a teacher, was March 13th. That feels like a lifetime ago, so I was definitely nervous to be returning to in-person learning. If you were/are nervous, you’re not alone. Try and remember that everyone is returning to in-person learning now, even the teachers, and it’s definitely weird and new for everyone. It seems similar to how things were pre-covid, but there’s also so many things that articulate it as drastically different. With masks, social distancing rules, and each class being divided into Green and Gray groups, it’s not the same as the in-person school we’re used to. But, it’s definitely an improvement from complete online learning. Slowly but surely, we’re stepping back into normal habits. With everyone’s cooperation, hopefully we can safely stay in-person for as long as possible!