Top 5 Trending on Twitter


  • Super Tuesday

The biggest night for the Democrats this election season took place Tuesday, March 3rd. Super Tuesday is when the largest amount of states hold their primary elections. This is key because more delegates can be won on Super Tuesday than any other day. The states that participated in Super Tuesday this election season were Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, California, Utah, Vermont, Maine, and the territory of American Samoa. Joe Biden won 9 out of the 14 states up which were AL, VA, MN, MA, NC, OK, TN, ME, and TX. Whereas Sanders won Colorado, California, and Vermont. And as of right now Maine is still too close to call between Biden and Sanders. While now it’s clear the Democratic nominee is most likely going to either one of them, that didn’t stop Mike Bloomberg from winning American Samoa, although that was his only win of the night. There are still dozens of primaries left, including ours which is the State of Illinois, until we officially have our Republican and Democratic nominee. 

  • Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion is a rising female rapper who first made waves in the summer of 2019 when she coined the phrase “Hot Girl Summer” went viral. “Hot Girl Summer” is a general expression that can be used whenever a girl is confident and self-assured of herself or whenever she has achieved something great. Megan officially released the single “Hot Girl Summer” in August and it featured Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign, then peaked at #11 in September. This weekend however she has gone viral after she revealed on her Instagram live that her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, has refused to renegotiate her contract and has now stopped her from releasing any music. Twitter users responded by attacking Megan for not properly reading her contract and putting herself in the situation. Megan defended herself by saying she was a young 20 years old who didn’t know any better and just wanted to make music. Many Twitter users pointed out the similarities between Megan’s situation and Taylor Swift’s situation with Scooter Braun and Big Machine Records. They pointed out that there has been a trend of young female artists being deceived by these money-hungry labels into contracts that the young artists themselves don’t understand nor have the proper assistance to help understand. As of now Megan is now suing her label and has gotten a temporary restraining order which will prevent her label from blocking the music that she plans to release this week.

  • Charlotte Awbery 

Charlotte Awbery is the singer who went viral after being featured in a video where she was approached by a random singer and was suddenly asked to finish the lyrics to the famous hit single from Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, “Shallow”. Users were quick to find her social media handlings and begged the viral sensation to think about releasing her music and starting a musical career. Since then Charlotte has appeared on Ellen and sang a cover of Shallow. There she also revealed that she plans to release her solo music very soon. 

  • Stupid Love

Lady Gaga finally released her comeback single “Stupid Love” last Friday. Although the song was leaked a month before it’s official release it topped the charts and pulled in a massive Spotify and Youtube audience. It debuted with over 4.2 million streams worldwide with 1.5 million coming from the U.S. and has garnered over 25 million views on Youtube in just 5 days. It’s as of right now predicted to debut in the top 10 of the Hot 100 at #7 with 252 points. Gaga also revealed the artwork and the title of the album. “Chromatica:” is set to be released very soon and will include a total of 16 tracks.

  • The Man

Taylor Swift released a music video for her newest single “The Man” off of her chart-topping album Lover. The video and the song are supposed to expose and point out the idea of toxic masculinity and the advantages male artists in the industry and Hollywood have over the female counterparts. As this is a controversial issue it sparked a debate on Twitter as to whether or not male privilege still exists and if toxic masculinity is a real concept, and if yes, is it a bad thing? Some like Youtuber Steven Crowder criticized Swift for displaying many masculine traits as toxic explaining that many young men are impressionable and that this will cause them to believe that they are not good enough because of all of the things that make them men are toxic and not deserving of love. While others say that the point of the video was to instead educate men about what kind of behavior is unacceptable and that there is still a way to be masculine and not be toxic.