Top 5 Trending on Twitter


  • Quaden Bayles

The video of an Australian 9-year-old, Quaden Bayles, crying because of bullies teasing at school has gone viral across the internet. Quaden suffers from achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism that shortens the limbs. Quaden often gets bullied because of his height. In the video, he is seen balling to his mother and even conveys some suicidal thoughts. Quaden’s mom, Yarraka says she filmed and posted the video to raise awareness about the impacts of bullying, specifically on disabled people. The video garnered millions of views and has caught the attention of multiple celebrities from Kacey Musgraves to Brad Williams. With the rise of the video, a GoFundMe for the child. It has now raised over 430,000 dollars.

  • Democratic Debate

The 9th Democratic Debate for this election season took place in Las Vegas, Nevada last Wednesday 2/18. This debate was just before the Nevada primaries where Biden won with a huge lead, winning almost half the votes with 46.8%. Biden followed in second with 20.2%, and Buttigieg in third with 14.3%. This debate was a first for New York Mayor and Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg as he has just started his campaign. The debate covered topics from Corruption, Health Care, Socialism, and Foreign Policy. There will be another debate next week (2/25) in South Carolina on CBS.

  • Coronavirus

The Coronavirus, now known as (COVID-19) is now on the verge of being classified as a pandemic. The number of cases has risen to almost 81k and more than two thousand deaths. With a rise of cases across the globe now in countries such as Italy, Australia, and South Korea. Trump said in a recent press conference at the white house that they were close to a vaccine for the virus, but white house officials later confirmed that he wasn’t talking about the Coronavirus, but rather Ebola. A CDC official has now warned America that it is not a question whether or not the virus will spread in America, but when. From their official Twitter account, the CDC tweeted that American hospitals, businesses, education, and healthcare sectors to start preparing for it.

  • BTS

BTS released their 21st studio project, “MAP OF THE SOUL: 7”, the album includes features from Halsey and Sia. BTS is a very popular K-Pop group that consists of roughly 7 members. Arguably the group has initiated the rise of K-Pop not just around the world, but in western culture. Breaking multiple records and more with this new album. On release the day the album tracks occupied all of the top 20 spots on iTunes U.S., they are the first act to do this ever. The album has already sold over 3 million units worldwide in just 3 days. The 20 track album has also been well received by critics, it currently holds a high 82 score on Metacritic. The album is as of now set to debut at #1 with 260-300k units with 220-250k of those units being pure sales.

  • NAACP Awards

The NAACP Awards took place on Saturday, February 22. The award ceremony celebrates outstanding performances in film, television, music, and literature from people of color. The highlight of the night was when Rihanna won the President’s Award. The NAACP said they selected her for her “groundbreaking career as an artist and musician, but (someone who) has also distinguished herself as a stellar public servant”. Her speech insisting that “we can only fix this world together” while receiving her award went viral over Twitter. Other big moments of the night was when Lizzo won Entertainer of the Year, Michael B. Jordan for Actor in a Motion Picture, and Lupita Nyong’o for Actress in a Motion Picture.