The 2019 Homecoming Dance


This year's homecoming king and queen were Tomas Walsh and Kendallyn Julkowski

Sarah Driscoll, Staff writer

On September 28th, over 830 students attended the 2019 there’s no place like home Homecoming Dance that took place from 7-10 pm. Saturday morning before the dance, the mighty Spartans rose to victory against the Argo Argonauts and won in a high scoring game of 56-30, making all spartans proud. This positive energy and spartan pride carried into the evening, where students enjoyed dancing in the Spartan Gym, posing for the photo booth, and the wonderful refreshments and food available. Everyone there looked amazing as the Spartans wore their finest suits and the lady spartans wore stunning dresses. This year, green and maroon were two popular dress colors among the lady Spartans as they wore their favorite high heels. Many dresses were also covered in sparkles, causing many lady Spartans’s dresses to elegantly shimmer under the lights. The male Spartans also looked amazing as they wore wonderful button down shirts, their finest ties, lovely slacks, and their finest shoes. Brianna Jordan, a sophomore, said that her favorite memory of the night was “Having a good time dancing with my friends to the music and taking many pictures.” Her favorite song played was “Wow” by Post Malone. Ashanti Norals, a senior, said “My favorite song was Truth Hurts by Lizzo and my favorite memory was dancing to that song with friends and going to McDonalds after the dance”. It was a very lighthearted event and it was fun to dance with everyone. I’m also glad that the air conditioning was working well because there was so many people and as it is usually hot in the Spartan gym. This year’s homecoming was so much fun and it made me very excited for prom in the Spring.” The dance was definitely a huge success and a night everyone there will always remember. We know that our seniors will miss going to homecoming at OLCHS and our lower class man can’t wait for next year’s homecoming. We also hope juniors and seniors are excited to dance again at prom on May 8th after such an amazing night.