Welcome Back to the Nine-Nine

A poster for Brookline Nine-Nine promoting its move to NBC

A poster for Brookline Nine-Nine promoting its move to NBC

Melanie Schlesser , Staff writer

Last May, the New York Police had a tragic loss: the cancellation of fan-favorite show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Although Fox unceremoniously cancelled the hit show, within two days Brooklyn Nine-Nine was miraculously saved by NBC for season 6. Early in 2019, Brooklyn Nine-Nine premiered its sixth season.

    Over the summer and fall, NBC promoted its new show vigorously; many fans were ecstatic by the marketing material because Fox never gave much attention to the comedic police procedural. When the season 6 premier aired, Brooklyn Nine-Nine sported some of its highest ratings, the number of viewers higher than most episodes over the course the show’s entire Fox run. Despite the logistical changes for the show, the show itself remained the same.

    After being initially picked up by NBC, many fans became worried about the heart of the show changing; that is, if the old actors would continue staring on the show. Luckily, all of the main cast members confirmed their returns for season 6. As filming got under way, however, Chelsea Peretti, who plays Gina Linetti on the show, announced her exit during season 6. Chelsea has been the only exit from the show, a move which didn’t result from the change of network.

    The fact that the original actors and writers stayed on the show through the network move meant that the show would retain what makes it amazing: it’s humor and it’s heart. The connections between the characters haven’t been diminished or changed so far this season. The season premier saw Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) on their honeymoon. If you didn’t know that these two characters were having their honeymoon on a different network, you wouldn’t know.

    Overall, the show was unchanged, with the logistical changes having absolutely no impact on the creativity and integrity of the show.