New and Exciting Wu’s Ramen


Shoyu Ramen

Mona Marie Ann Walls, Staff Writer

Are you an avid foodie? Do you like to try new restaurants? Do you enjoy tasting new and flavorful foods? If this is you, then think about stopping by the newly opened Japanese restaurant on 95th called, Wu’s Ramen. It’s main feature is, well you guessed it, ramen and it by far more delicious and satisfying than your average ramen that you pick up at your local grocery store. The ramen emphasizes quality that you can taste, from the different vegetables being used to the broth, meat, extra toppings, and the noodles themselves. Wu’s Ramen, offers a variety of bowls to try so that there is something that everyone can enjoy. There are spicy bowls, mild bowls, bowls served with chicken and some served with beef,and others made with seafood, there is even a vegetable bowl with no meat whatsoever for all of my vegetarian friends. Besides the incredible food being served, the atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxing and cozy, this would be the perfect place for a date. The aesthetics are thoroughly pleasing if your the artistic type and you are able to receive your food in minutes, so if your one of those people that hates waiting for their food, you are not alone, this is not a problem for Wu’s Ramen, because they have super speedy service. Overall this new vibrant restaurant has so much to offer, not only people who are familiar with Japanese cuisine, but also to those who may not have ever tried anything out of their comfort zone before. The delectable noodle bowls of Wu’s Ramen, have the power to appease even the pickiest of eaters.