All Spartans on Deck


Play cover of this years OLCHS musical.

Abby Moore, Staff Writer

This year’s fall musical is Chicago, a musical vaudeville play originally introduced in 1975 by Bob Fosse. Set in the 1920’s, the story follows Roxie Hart as she is convicted of murder, sent to jail, and appears in court. The show is very musically demanding, both vocally and instrumentally, and is considered a dancing spectacular.  Not only will Chicago be remembered as a performance, but it will also be the first of many performances in the new Performing Arts Center. All Spartans are very excited to see the grand opening of this beautiful building. Oak Lawn’s many talented programs will now have their own space to shine, no longer having to have a play, concert or show in the gyms. The programs that will be utilizing our theater include drama, Speech, Band, Choir, Guitar Ensemble, Art, Academic Organizations, and the list goes on. Not only are Spartans excited about this new theater, but so are other residents of Oak Lawn. The Spartan Performing Arts Center is going to be one of the biggest theaters within our area and the hub of all things arts at Oak Lawn High School.