We Arrr All Pirates!

Kimberly Aranda

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Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer role-playing game and you play as pirate in its purest form! You don’t play as a merchant, you don’t play as a sea monster, you only have one role, and that is a pirate. You sail ships, you solve riddles to find treasures, you attack other pirates and steal their possessions, and do many other piratey stuff. Sea of Thieves gives every opportunity to do as you please, sometimes getting some tutorials.

This is a skeleton and they are seen in the islands of the game and they have a variety of weapons which they attack you with like swords, shotguns, etc.

You get to explore islands and the beautiful visuals of the oceans gives it a more realistic feel. There are thunderstorms in the game and it’s up to you and your crew to fight against the harsh winds and strong force of the waters.

This is a view being in the ship and discovering a new island.

The first mission you do is either finding a buried treasure or fighting a horde of spooky skeletons, and it just repeats itself. You go back to the main island to collect your prize for the treasures you found, get a riddle, solve the riddle, and the rest is pretty self explanatory. After hours of playing it does begin to be less thrilling and although I enjoy the atmosphere no matter what, that does not give the game a pass for not having more things to do in the game. Sea of Thieves is an enjoyable game, especially when you’re playing with friends. But the missions and quests in the game are too similar and repetitive becomes less interesting. I would give the game a 7 out of 10 rating.

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