Lady Spartans Dominate Conference

Melanie Schlesser, Staff Writer and Editor

The 2017-2018 girls varsity tennis team went into their first conference match with a 5-1 record. In their first conference match the Lady Spartans faced a tough opponent, Shepard. In order to come out as victors the girls had to be persistent in their training. Although they were faced with the challenge of not having home courts to practice on, the girls worked hard to perfect their game. Their hard work proved to pay off as the girls won all their matches.

However, each match proved to be challenging as some ladies had to come back after being down in the first set. Third doubles, Dunia Samra and Ermira Agolli fought hard to win both sets. During both sets the Lady Spartans were faced with the fact that their opponents were slowly catching up. The girls were running across the court in order to return hard shots back at their opponents. After remaining determined third doubles were able to win both sets with a set score of 6-4 for each set. Second singles Chaniece Dobson also faced tough competition and was thrown into a tie breaker. After splitting sets with her opponent, Chaniece prepared to play a tiebreaker to determine the winner of the match. For those of you who are not familiar with tennis, splitting sets refers to when each player wins a set in a game of best 2 out of 3 sets. In order to determine a winner the ladies played a 7 game tiebreaker, which means the first to win 7 games wins the set with a set score of 7-6.

In the end the Lady Spartans were able to win all their matches against Shepard receiving their first conference win of the season. Their hard work showed how much the Spartans deserved their new courts. After a successful win at Shepard the Lady Spartans were able to return to brand new courts which are now open for use. Congratulations to the Lady Spartans on their win and their new courts!