Cafeteria Quality Zigzags


Melanie Schlesser, Staff Writer

As most students know, the school switched from Sodexo to Country House. I never really ate lunch last year because of the negative reviews I heard from my siblings who have come and gone from school for years. But one fateful day last year changed that, when I forgot to pack a lunch. I reluctantly ate at school that day, which allowed me to critically judge this year’s providers.

Country House isn’t bad, except for the cookies. I’ve mostly eaten fries and chicken tenders, which don’t stay consistent. At the beginning, the tenders were crispy but as the weeks rolled by, the chicken got less crispy and flatter. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not bad. But personally, I prefer a little more crisp on my tenders than that of the current chicken portrayal in the café. The fries also vary. Sometimes, they’re crispy and browned, other times they look thawed. But either way, they need salt and ketchup. I have eaten some other things, as well. The pasta’s pretty good, as is the pizza (except for the fact it was slightly soggy and I would have preferred it cooked a tad bit longer). The burrito I had last week was fairly good. It wasn’t Mexican restaurant quality, but better than I’d expect for a high school. Then there’s the cookies. I was a big fan of the High School Cookies my siblings were constantly raving about. I finally got my chance to eat them and it was like heaven with chocolate chips. But since the food provider fliparoo, the cookies have gone downhill. They aren’t bad, just disappointing. Considering how much I liked last year’s, I can’t find myself to become unbiased towards the old dough for the new, thinner cookies that are being pawned off on us.

Again, the quality isn’t bad, but some things were better off last year. If there was a way to bring together good elements from both cafeteria companies, it’d be a really good idea.